When homeowners are considering selling, they often ask a realtor to stop in and see what needs to be done. Here are some considerations for homeowners thinking of selling.

ONE: You have heard this one before. Prepare to remove personal items, like photos. It might mean removing photos from a wall. Think first: do you have paint to do touch-ups.

Remember the goal: You want people to imagine themselves living in the house. Show off the house, not your professional family photos.

TWO: You have likely heard this one before, too. CURB APPEAL MATTERS. What does your front entrance look like? If you have a wooden verandah or porch, is it in good shape? Does it need painting? Is your welcome mat worn out? Are flowers and shrubs looking healthy or have they seen better days? This is a key spot to refresh your home, making sure that your front entrance looks welcoming. Make your home’s facade “photo-ready.”

Remember the goal: Your home’s facade is the first photo potential buyers will see. It should draw them in to look at your home’s listing.

THREE: Does your home need refreshing in any of these areas: painting, lighting, floor coverings, and furniture. If you are doing some updates, keep neutral tones in mind, buy light fixtures that have a clean, simple look and make sure all the lights in your home are working. Do a thorough cleaning of light switches, while you are at it.

Remember the goal: Updates will tell prospective buyers that you have taken good care of your home.

FOUR: If you have unfinished projects, a garage full of stuff you do not want….. if your adult children are using your house as a storage facility, it’s time to get organized and reduce. Clear out what you do not use. Donate it to charity, to secondhand shops, or post items on Buy Nothing groups on Facebook. Have a garage sale. Rent a storage unit if you have to. Invest time now to show your home at its best.

Remember the goal: Make your home look spacious, not overcrowded. Closets with extra space, cupboards that have empty spaces on shelves….. this is all good.

FIVE: Floors. This can be a way to give a facelift to rooms. If carpeting is covering nice wood flooring, take a look to see the condition of the floors underneath. Wall-to-wall carpeting may not be popular with everyone.

Remember the goal: Flooring updates will present a nice palette for your home furnishings and sometimes, hidden gems are hidden underneath carpeting or laminate floors.

SIX: Update your kitchen, if it needs it. Think about what you can do to make your kitchen look updated. It might mean painting, or new hardware. Freshen up the decor. Aim for a neutral palette. But good quality wooden cabinets can be beautiful, too. Make sure to clean the wood and polish it, to highlight the patina.

Remember the goal: An updated kitchen is good news for buyers as it is an expensive undertaking for new homebuyers.

SEVEN: Is it time for new bedding? New drapes or window dressings? Family heirloom quilts aside, are your bedrooms looking fresh and peaceful? Keep bedding neutral and remove excess items from bedside tables. Add colour with accessories and keep in mind that cluttered bedrooms with overflowing closets are not attractive.

Remember the goal: Make sleeping areas look appealing, spacious and restful.

I can help you get started with a quick walk-through of your home. Refreshing and preparing your home can be the first part of your home-selling adventure!