A lot of people follow real estate listings for fun. They like to see inside homes, look at local prices and follow the market to see what homes are selling for. I guess I was one of those people — kind of. I love looking at homes, thinking about design and what the homes of the future will look like. As I write this, these are challenging times for home buyers. It’s a seller’s market alright, but once you sell your home, where will you move to?

What we need at different stages of life changes. It’s interesting how space defines where we are in life. From being a kid with just “your room”, we grow into adults that need apartments, then homes and then: larger homes. During this pandemic, we are all coming to realize the important of outdoor spaces — even while we re-tool our home interiors to accommodate kids doing home-schooling and often: two partners working from home.

And so: the fascination with real estate is really a fascination with the space we need and how we associate it with our happiness and that of our family. If you are looking for your next home, it’s a good time to think about the space you want – in other words, what space are you missing and how will getting that space translate into happiness and contentment. It is a good idea to think about this ahead of time. Otherwise, you may walk into a house and fall in love with one particular feature, instead of considering if that home has the space and attributes that you are looking for. Don’t let the notion of scarcity get the best of you. You will find the right home in the right community at the right time.