You know what I’m talking about. The garage door that somehow won’t even close and you can see that it is full. But: there is no car in there.

It’s just stuff. A barbecue that needs to be fixed. A broken compressor. Some tires. Bicycles. Maybe a sofa. A box spring. A tangled bunch of Christmas lights.

I think garages have come to represent unfinished business. Indecision. And the time we don’t have.

This is just a quick note of encouragement — to let go of what you don’t have time to fix. Organize your storage, for sure. But don’t create more storage. Work on keeping less stuff, instead.

Would you put your bed in the kitchen? No.

So clear out that garage and put your bed in there. Just kidding. Get rid of the garage clutter and claim the space for its intended purpose: a covered space in which to park your car.

Maybe cleaning out the entire garage sounds like a pain in the – – -. Start with one thing. Get it out of there, put it at the curb with a “free” sign on it. Post it online; sell or give it away. Do one thing each day and soon, you will be making headway.

Enroll someone else in the household to help you. You can each get rid of one thing per day, or store it where it should be stored.

Try it. This method also works with other jobs you have been postponing. Even if you move things forward a little it — there is progress and it can feel good!

Photo by Brandon from Pexels