The very word “downsizing” can be–well–a downer. If the time has come for a different lifestyle, for freedom to travel and for freedom from housework and home maintenance, that should be considered an “up” kind of move.

It is so easy for years to pass as we live in our homes and then one day, we realize that several bedrooms, packed closets, a basement, garage, shed and too much living space become evident. We still want a nice place to live, but the large space that once seemed so necessary now feels like a burden.

There is freedom to be found by seizing the opportunity to create the lifestyle you want when you are no longer taking care of children or teenagers on a daily basis. Of course, our adult children still mean the world to us, but we don’t have to show our love for them by continuing to live in a four-bedroom home with two rec rooms and a large kitchen.

Unless that is how you want to live. Once you realize that you can decide what you and your partner want, other decisions will seem easier. Perhaps a two-bedroom condo is where you would live after you sell your home. You can choose your new home carefully and if you have extra equity, perhaps it is time to enjoy a trip or two or spend part of the year living somewhere else.

Maybe you want to move from an urban area to a rural community to enjoy the connectedness and neighbourhood feeling of a small town. Or you might want to spend a few years living in a vibrant city, close to shops, and cultural events, all within walking distance – a place where you can accommodate old friends and show them the best that the city has to offer.

Talk to others who have made big life changes and see how it went for them. If you are thinking of moving to a smaller space, begin thinning out your possessions slowly. There are lots of articles you can read about reducing clutter and tidying up, so take advantage of gathering some inspiration.

If you are happy and you know it – stay put. If your home is too big for you, there are situations where you can create a secondary dwelling unit to generate more income. Check with your municipality to see what you can do at your property. The extra income could be used for your next trip or project!